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    I'm a graphic designer of print and web - And I'm full of beans!

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    What do I design for?

    Wouldn't you like to know!

    I've been contributing to some awesome things online for the last few years and I've become a bit of a resident artist for sites like freepik and flaticon. However, these sites didn't pay me much and so more recently I've been looking to broaden my design horizon and extend my design portfolio to incorporate more geeky graphic designs. I recently approached a cool new website store called Geek Shirts and to my surprise they said that I could design a few of their shirts in their up and coming new science t shirt collection - I was of course thrilled and I'm sharing with you the results on the right here. So far, since I've helped the site out I've made about 100 usd in royalties and things are looking set to improve as we head on into the first quarter of 2020! Thanks guys at the Geek store for giving young designers like myself a real shot at producing work in the big time. I've also seen some new Crytpo t-shirts on there too. Worth checking out I'd say.

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    So Where Do I Go From Here?

    I'll tell you, don't fret

    Well, as I've reached the pinnacle of graphic design heights with geek t shirts.com it's time to try something new and so I've begun my latest hobbie which is designing jigsaws on Etsy! You may laugh, but these jigsaws are more than 1000 pieces and we're exploring new ranges of backgrounds designed by yours truly of course all the time. So what are you waiting for!? Please go check out my latest jigsaw designs on Etsy just search for Yamina P designs on there an hopefully I'll come up.